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To support the series, we have created an educational component that can be used in classrooms based on information presented in the series. Additionally, there is a lot of information that, due to time constraints, was not presented in the series. That additional information is available in the educational module. For more information on how to obtain the educational component developed to support A Leap of Faith: The Untold Story of the Triple Nickles, contact us below.

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Additionally, there are two publications of note which contain a comprehensive story of the unit from the soldiers' perspective. A lot of the information, particularly quotes, serve as excellent source material for the series. Check back frequently as we will be adding additional social media and web links.

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Tanya Lee Stone does an amazing job of compiling a ton of information on the 555th PIR. There are photos, quotes, background and history that need to be told. This is arguably the best published book on the unit. Click the image to order.


The official website of the 555th Parachute Infantry Associations. There is a ton of information on everything from the unit's beginning to smoke jumping to their inevitable integration into the esteemed 82nd Airborne Division.



Penned by the first officer recruited, Lt. Col. Bradley Biggs (Ret). This is his memoir of the unit from his perspective. He is a bold, brash and candid historian that must be read. Although out of print, his book can be ordered from secondary sellers by clicking the image above.



This is one of a few FaceBook pages on the 555th Parachute Infantry Regiment. It has links to regional chapters and is updated daily. Their information is very thorough and a great place to start, particularly with other chapters.


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